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MTC Card from Certass

Any company in the existing Certass scheme does not have to do anything immediately. Certass will contact every scheme member within their current membership year and arrange to carry out a knowledge test and site assessment. 1. Joining Certass Installation companies can become a Certass member for a £90 joining fee. Ongoing membership cost is £23.50+ VAT Following installation inspections are £90 per visit 2. MTC qualification Each person being assessed for MTC qualification will be charged £175+ VAT (the same for surveyors or [...]

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What does Minimum Technical Competence (MTC) mean to your business?

From June this year there are big changes happening to the way you can self-certify window and door installations. 1. What is a Competent Persons Scheme (CPS)? The Department for Communities and Local Government licenses all Competent Persons Schemes. Membership of a CPS enables installers to self-certify that installations comply with Building Regulations. Installers who are not a member of a CPS can still comply with Building Regulations by applying to the Local Authority Building Control department who will then carry out [...]