AlUk’s Quik Clip™

New clip-in bead option for Aluminium Bifold doors! Aluk’s new Quik Clip™

Aluminium Bifold doors
You can now choose between our regular bead or Aluk’s new Quik Clip™ clip-in bead which is available for Aluminium Bifold doors BSF70. This new bead is designed to make installations quicker, easier, and more efficient for you as an installer with no compromise on quality or performance.

Revolutionizing Simplicity-

This innovative solution seamlessly enhances bifold doors by clipping into position securely within seconds – and just as easily when detaching.

User Friendly-

Effortless to install on either the factory or installation side, requiring no force or specialized tools. The clip-in bead seamlessly integrates with a sliding gasket, which can be swapped out for a standard wedge gasket without the need to change the Quik Clip™ itself.

Competitive in every way-

Offering competitive pricing and exceptional performance, this bead doesn’t compromise on either quality or performance. Streamlining installation processes, it saves time and minimizes hassle for your team.



Our aluminium bifold doors are currently at reduced lead times with bifolds now 7-10 days and windows, doors, and commercial projects at 3-4 weeks. These lead times are for our stock colours – black, white, grey, black on white, and grey on white. (Lead times may vary due to busy periods).

For a quote, please get in touch or use our online quotation tool. 

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