Window & Door Sales in 2023: How To Grow Through Adversity

As we approach the end of 2023, we take some time to reflect upon the past year and discuss how the industry and homes alike have progressed over the past 12 months. In this article, we discuss customers’ current choices regarding home improvements and touch on a few ways you can improve your window and door sales through this adverse time.

Windows and Doors sales trajectory for 2023 was expected to plateau due to the energy and cost of living crisis and homeowners being under more pressure to ensure their bills are paid. The option for homeowners to save ahead of time and invest in their homes at a later date has been slashed, as every penny is now tied up elsewhere. 

Despite this, the energy crisis also opens an opportunity for the window and door sales industry, whereby homeowners are looking for short-term costs that have long-term results. Investing in their home at this time may be the best option, as the squeeze it would be to pay out for investing in new windows and doors right now could save considerably on bills in the long term. That option is attractive to consumers who are open to a dent in the bank for long term stability and longer term savings.

Switching to more energy-efficient windows and doors

install energy efficient double glazed doors

Switching to more energy efficient windows and doors has huge benefits for homeowners, as they provide a more energy secure home, thereby reducing long term energy bills. This investment, although arriving at a crunch time for most homeowners who are already struggling, may be a welcome expense for longevity reasons. 

It is also proven that many of the homeowners who have invested in their homes in the last ten years come from the upper fifth of homes based on income; these homeowners are more likely to still have disposable income or some savings to spend on home improvements despite the current economic crisis. 

Focus on the glass

With customers’ concerns based mainly on the energy cost at this present time, glass is the most essential feature of a window. The glass used can have the biggest impact on energy levels within the home. Double and triple glazing needs are on the rise, and this can be taken into account when offering window replacements or new windows. 

Offering secondary glazing may also be beneficial, as this may come at a lower cost to the customer. Still, it will give the same level of energy efficiency they will achieve with replacement, new windows. 

To move or not to move?

Customers currently prefer to avoid investing in moving home, especially with mortgage rates rising and house prices also at an all-time high. The budget for moving home has dwindled significantly in the last year, so investing in their current home is one of the best options homeowners have at this time. 

We offer installers the opportunity to give their customers the very best quality uPVC and aluminium doors and doors, along with additional options for Kubu security options.

Give Options that benefit your windows and doors sales and your customers

Giving your customer a vast range of customisable options for their windows and doors is a huge benefit of working with Window Warehouse. At such a sensitive financial time, it is essential to listen to your customers and give them the very best for their money. We offer our windows and doors at competitive prices, allowing for high quality products without breaking the bank.

Want to improve your windows and doors sales in a dwindling market?

install energy efficient double glazed windows

In today’s society, quality is preferred hugely over cost. Many consumers don’t mind digging that little bit deeper for a better quality product, especially when they understand the longevity of a product. 

By switching to Window Warehouse, you’ll be able to give your customers the best quality service with the best quality products. From slim, sightlined Aluminum Bifold Doors and fully customisable DoorCo Composite Doors to beautiful traditional Flush Sash Windows, we supply the highest quality products to installers across the South, including Surrey, Wiltshire and Sussex.

Window and Door Sales 

Our business endeavours to help installers improve their window and door sales year on year. With a wide range of windows and doors for you to offer to your customers, switching suppliers to Window Warehouse is the best choice you can make for your installation business windows and doors sales. 

We are a Halo Approved Fabricator and are a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation, meaning we are industry backed and an accredited supplier for all of your double glazing window and door needs!

Start your online quote today, alternatively, send us a message on our Contact Us page. For more information from one of our experts, call us on 023 9232 7744. Let us help you improve your window and door sales now!

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