Flush Windows vs Non-Flush Windows

Flush Windows vs Non-Flush Windows: Which is Right for Your Home?

When it comes to choosing windows for your home, there are many factors to consider. One important decision is whether to go with flush windows or non-flush windows. Here, we explore the differences between these two types of windows and help you make an informed decision for your home. Read on to learn all about flush windows vs non flush windows – and which would be best for your home improvement projects. 

Flush Windows

Flush windows are designed to lie flat against the wall, creating a sleek and modern appearance. Unlike non-flush windows, the frame of a flush window does not protrude past the glass. This creates a clean and seamless look that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

When it comes to flush sash windows, the flush sash is just 61mm, making it flat and aesthetically pleasing with a modern look.

Benefits of Flush Windows

One of the main benefits of flush windows is their aesthetic appeal. The flush design gives them a contemporary and minimalist look that can enhance the overall appearance of your home. Whether you have a modern townhouse or a traditional cottage, flush windows can blend seamlessly with any architectural style.

In addition to their visual appeal, flush windows also offer practical benefits. They are weather-resistant and energy-efficient, helping to keep your home comfortable and reduce your energy bills. Flush windows are available in a range of colours and finishes, allowing you to customise them to match your home’s style.

Our flush sash windows are: 

  • Available in both double glazed and triple glazed options.
  • 70mm thick uPVC profile with outer frame in either 56mm or 72mm.
  • Reaching U-values as low as 1.1 W/m2K.
  • Available with a multi point locking for a secure and protected home.

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Non-Flush Windows

Non-flush windows have openable parts that protrude from the frame. This creates a more traditional appearance and can add character to your home. Non-flush windows are often referred to as “stormproof” windows because of their weather-resistant properties.

Benefits of Non-Flush Windows

Non-flush windows have a traditional charm that can enhance the character of older homes or homes with a more classic architectural style. They offer a wider range of design options, including different frame styles and hardware choices. Non-flush windows are also energy-efficient and available in a variety of colours and finishes.


Flush Windows Vs Non Flush Windows – Which Should You Choose? 

The decision between flush windows and non-flush windows ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the style of your home. If you prefer a modern and minimalist look, flush windows may be the better choice. On the other hand, if you want to maintain a traditional or classic aesthetic, non-flush windows can provide the charm you’re looking for.

Here at Window Warehouse, we offer a wide range of both flush windows and non-flush windows to suit your needs. Our flush sash windows from the Heritage Window Collection are perfect for homeowners who want a sleek and contemporary look. They are available in a range of colours and finishes, and their slimline sightlines create a seamless appearance.

If you prefer a more traditional style, our non-flush casement windows are a great option. They offer the timeless charm of a traditional timber window combined with modern thermal benefits. Our non-flush windows are energy-efficient and can be customised to match your home’s unique style.

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Sliding Sash Windows

If flush sash windows aren’t for you, consider our range of sliding sash windows. We offer Georgian sash windows and Victorian sash windows to improve your home. 

Benefits include:

  • Sculptured profile for heritage and elegant feel.
  • Smooth and woodgrain finishes available.
  • Option to add Georgian bars and a deep base rail.
  • U-values as low as 1.1 W/m2K.
  • PAS 24 approved security available.

When choosing between flush windows and non-flush windows, consider the overall style of your home and your personal preferences. Both options offer their own unique benefits and can enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. At Window Warehouse, we are here to help you make the right choice and provide you with high-quality windows that will stand the test of time.

Contact Window Warehouse today or get a free online quote. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect windows for your – or your customer’s – home.

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