Key considerations when choosing your Doorco Supplier


Here at Window Warehouse, we have been manufacturing windows and doors for over 35 years. Homeowners have benefitted from our quick lead times and efficient customer service. We work with market leader DoorCo, which installs a wide selection of composite doors for homeowners. You might be wondering about why you should choose DoorCo‘s range of composite doors. Read on to learn more. 

The Original Composite Range offers outstanding thermal efficiency

One of DoorCo’s designs includes the Original design. A classic design, it is created and prepped from some of the strongest materials to deliver the highest performance on the market. As a result, homeowners will benefit from outstanding strength over time thanks to the high definition GRP outer skin. 

Further security options that these doors offer include engaged multi point locks so the doors aren’t left on the latch, alongside TS007 cylinders and handle combinations. This gives homeowners plenty of options to prolong their safety. 

Gripcore Technology offers Superior Security and a bespoke choice of glazing options 

Safety and security are in the DNA of a Gripcore door. They feature an unrivalled robust connection that protects you from attackers, keeping your home safe from harm. 

Gripcore doors deliver a fantastic amount of innovation as they are precision engineered to give you a stronger thermal performance. As a result, you will save on energy bills in the long term, resulting in a design that is important to your needs, 

Create a Colour that reflects your unique style 

The doors are available in a stunning selection of colours such as Anthracite Grey, Chartwell  Green, and White. Enhance the impact of the doors even further by choosing a stain or paint finish. DoorCoprovides infinite customisation options, adding vibrant colour to homes. 

Homeowners can increase their personality by choosing any colours from our PAiNT range. Designed to say 1000 words with your colour choice, we provide more natural options such as Tree Frog, Desert Dune, and Treasure Seeker.  Build a composite door with DoorCo’s extensive colour choices. 

Select from our glazing options 

When you choose a door from Gripcore, it is crafted with strength in mind. The bespoke selection of glazing options will include Skylne, Stardrop, and the stain glass-influenced Pealk. This range puts your creativity in full focus, ensuring the door delivers a wow factor you’ll be proud of. 

Gripcore’s bespoke glass range options give you a luxury finish that makes your home stand out from the crowd, resulting in a distinctive appearance.



Excellent Thermal Performance 

Our composite doors from DoorCo deliver fantastic thermal performance. Their solid foam core combined with the exceptional timber designs retains natural heat, while cold air is left outside. Homeowners will take advantage of a warm property for years because their door is crafted with the latest technologies. 

We believe that a warm home is a happier home, especially in winter. Our Original doors give you some of the lowest U values on the market, saving on your energy bills for many years to come. To increase your home’s warmth even more, you can upgrade to triple glazing, while the FLiP glazing system allows you to re glaze your door. 

Traditional Style Composite Door

Whether you live in a country house or townhouse, our Traditional options create a classic timber feel. You’l take advantage of outstanding thermal performance and a low-maintenance design. This includes the traditional Farmhouse design. THey come in a high definition woodgrain option, or a grooved cottage option for a rustic feel. 

Design Your Door with our online tool 

Our doors with DoorCo are a canvas to paint your ideal design. Use our online designer tool to build the entrance door from scratch. Consider an ORIGINAL or GRIPCORE design and configure your frame exactly how you want it, with a type of door to look at.  Once you have created your door, we will return with a bespoke price that suits your budget. 

Latest News 

We hope this article has given you some helpful advice on why you should choose our composite doors from DoorCo. With beautiful glazing, inherent strength, and thermal efficiency, we have a door that will suit your home. 

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