What Window Materials Do We Offer?

Are you wondering which window materials give you the best return on investment in terms of aesthetics and performance? Window Warehouse offers a range of windows in a variety of materials. With over 35 years of experience, we feel we can recommend the perfect window for you, ensuring that the materials we manufacture our products with are high quality and will match your property’s look and needs perfectly.

We offer both uPVC and aluminium windows, which provide homeowners with benefits ranging from thermal efficiency to improved security. 

Read our article on why uPVC and aluminium windows are ideal for properties in the UK and why we are a market-leading window and doors supplier in the South of England.

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about how we provide homeowners and installers with high-quality double-glazing products for their home improvement projects. We also have an online quoting tool for homeowners and installers to get a bespoke quote for their projects. Homeowners can also use our Find an Installer tool to find local installers in our extensive and reliable network to aid in the installation of their new windows. 

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uPVC is an excellent option for homeowners looking to upgrade their home on a budget while also benefitting from improved thermal efficiency, enhanced security, and beautiful aesthetics.

Thermal Efficiency and Weatherproofing

uPVC offers improved thermal and energy efficiency alongside enhanced weatherproofing for your property. uPVC is durable against adverse weather conditions, and does not rot, warp or twist in wet conditions. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the thermal and energy efficiency of the home, as the property is less likely to suffer from draughts and dampness over time, as uPVC is not likely to deteriorate the way that timber may.


Our uPVC windows are highly secure, as they are fitted with multipoint locking systems. These are also Secured by Design, meaning they are accredited by the police for their safety systems. Our uPVC windows are made with high quality materials, so they are designed and manufactured to keep your home safe and secure.

Cost Effective

uPVC is ideal for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their homes on a budget. We can work with you and your installer to manufacture the perfect product for your property within the budget you give us.

Range of uPVC windows

Here at Window Warehouse, we offer a variety of uPVC windows for your property. We offer casement windowsflush sash windowsFrench windowsbow and bay windowsvertical sliders and tilt-and-turn windows. Each range of uPVC windows we offer can be adapted to your home, including size, colour, configuration, hardware and glazing. 

Contact Window Warehouse to make them your window supplier and window manufacturers for your home improvement projects.  

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Our alternative window range includes aluminium windows. Aluminium has many benefits, including being inherently strong and weatherproof. Start your online quote with Window Warehouse to make us your window manufacturer and get your aluminium window project underway.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium is ideal for homeowners looking to improve their property’s energy efficiency as aluminium tends not to be affected by adverse weather. Our aluminium windows have u-values as low as 1.2 W/m2K, so your property’s energy bills will be lower as your new aluminium windows will retain the existing heat within the property and cold air will not be let in. Our aluminium windows are also double glazed as standard.


The aluminium windows we offer can come with a range of customisable options to perfectly suit your home. Your handles, locks and hinges can be personalised to your home, and the frame profile itself can come in a range of colours or woodgrain foils. We also offer a variety of profiles, so you can match your windows to the era of your home, as we have traditional and modern options. 


Our aluminium windows are inherently strong against forced entry, as aluminium is built to be solid. This, paired with rigorous testing to ensure that our aluminium windows are PAS24 approved, ensures your home is safe and secure for the long term. They are also fitted with multipoint locking mechanisms for added security.

Aluminium Window Range

Here at Window Warehouse, we offer a variety of aluminium windows that are perfect for your home. Our range includes casement windowsFrench casement windowstilt-and-turn windows, and heritage windows

Contact our team for more information and a quote for our aluminium windows, making Window Warehouse your window manufacturer.

All of our windows now come with Kubu smart technology installed, so your home can benefit from an extra layer of security.

Has this article inspired you to replace the windows within your home? Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your home improvement projects, and you can choose Window Warehouse as your window manufacturer and window supplier. You can also gain an installer through our lucrative installer network, who is approved by us as they provide high-quality customer service and workmanship. 

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