Full conservatory installations with Leka systems

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With the desire to improve homes and create larger living spaces being more popular than ever with homeowners, there’s no better time to invest in the conservatory market.

At Window Warehouse, our product range has evolved so that you can offer an entire conservatory or orangery installations using our innovative Leka systems.

This means, you can take your share of the market and offer full conservatory installations services, with fast turnaround times, simple-to-fit products and minimum disruption to your customers’ homes.

Along with our high quality windows and doors, our Leka solid roof, orangery roof and walls & base are the perfect products to add to your product portfolio.

The Leka Solid Roof

The Leka solid roof is an impressive, thermally efficient, lightweight system that’s ideal to use for new conservatory builds.

The system features industry leading U-Values of just 0.15 W/m²K, along with a high level of insulation that keeps the heat in during cold weather, and keeps it cool during the warmer months.

The tiled roof designs help to prevent the ‘greenhouse effect’ that’s so often associated with older glazed or polycarbonate conservatory roofs, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature that ensures the living space can be used all year round by your customers.

Leka is a fully JHAI approved system that complies with Building Regulations, meaning that it’s super easy and cost-effective to get hold of building certificates, for a streamline, straightforward conservatory installation.

Leka solid roofs are super lightweight, and are simple to fit, meaning you can typically complete the roof in as little as 2-3 days. We manufacture our solid roofs at our Portsmouth-based factory, so we can make each roof made to measure to your requirements, and then deliver directly to your site, completely ready to install.

Leka Xi Modular Walls & Base

The perfect match for the Leka solid roof, the Leka Xi walls and base is a precision-engineered, pre-fabricator modular system that’s designed to help you build a complete conservatory in a matter of days, not weeks.

From dwarf walls, to full walls or a combination of both, the walls and base system is a Building Control compliant, thermally efficient option that’s available in an authentic range of brick coloured GRP clad skins that complement the existing home, or lifelike GRP timber clad or stonework skins.

The walls and base are highly engineered, pre-fabricate sections that require no heavy excavation work and minimum disruption to the home, making it the perfect option for properties with little to no rear access.

Velux Roof Lights

To complement the Leka conservatory installation, why not add the finishing touch with a Velux roof light?

Velux roof lights are ideal for customers who may be worried about not getting enough daylight into their solid roof conservatory. They are the perfect solution for incorporating extra daylight and ventilation into a conservatory.

Leka installation made easy

We’ve made it as simple as possible to offer your customers a full conservatory installation, thanks to Leka. With faster, easier fitting, installing Leka helps you to fit more jobs in, compared to traditional conservatory constructions.

To become an expert in Leka installation, you can complete our Leka assembly training to become a fully certified Leka installer.

We have full installer support, so you can hit the ground running with Leka. Our Certified Installer Support Package gives you access to project photography, 3D CAD drawings, product benefit videos and marketing literature to update your website, social media and emails with. We also have a dedicated Leka Roof website for homeowners, providing all the information your customers need on the Leka systems available. We pass on any leads we receive through the site onto you, our Leka certified installer!

To find out more about installing our Leka systems, get in touch with us.

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