MTC Card from Certass

Any company in the existing Certass scheme does not have to do anything immediately. Certass will contact every scheme member within their current membership year and arrange to carry out a knowledge test and site assessment.

1. Joining Certass

Installation companies can become a Certass member for a £90 joining fee. Ongoing membership cost is £23.50+ VAT

Following installation inspections are £90 per visit

2. MTC qualification

Each person being assessed for MTC qualification will be charged £175+ VAT (the same for surveyors or installers), plus the Awarding Body Registration and MTC Skillcard charged at £25+ VAT per card. To help small businesses Certass will carry out a joint surveyor and installer assessment for £195+ VAT. 

3. Insurance backed guarantees (financial protection is mandatory under new CPS legislation)

Installers can use any of 3 approved IGB schemes:



• Installation Assured

Other recognised insurance backed guarantee schemes are also acceptable, but installers using these will need to pay Certass an additional £1.35 per certificate.

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