New KBS aluminium bifold is working for architects

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Portsmouth builder Mark Chapman comments this month about satisfying the demand from architects for bifold doors on extension projects.

“Homeowners flick through the home magazines, see an extension with bifold doors opening out onto the garden and they want that look. This has filtered down to general extensions and architects are increasingly specifying aluminium bifolding doors on more and more extension plans.

“One of our recent projects was a large extension to create an open plan living area. The architect’s drawings specified bifold doors and we ordered 4 pane aluminium doors from Window Warehouse. The doors arrived when I needed them, the installation went smoothly and they were easy to fit.”

Getting the doors to site on time and ready to fit is even more important in new build extensions. In many cases the final door measurements can only be taken once the brickwork is in place. To help builders and installers Window Warehouse works closely with you when scheduling your order to achieve the best delivery date.

When we started manufacturing bifold doors several years ago we pioneered the production process to make installation as easy as possible. We created a unique door jig where every bifold door made is fully assembled and tested before delivery to site.

Because the bifold doors are such an integral part of the project design, the architect and homeowner watch this phase of the build very carefully. Customers tell us Window Warehouse’s right-first-time approach really works for them to keep projects on schedule and their customers happy.

“We’ve been a customer of Window Warehouse for about two years now and find them very good to deal with,” adds Mark. “They supply our windows and we switched over to the new aluminium bifold door when it was first launched.”

Download the KBS aluminium bi-fold door brochure here

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