Meeting Building Regulations for Leka Solid Conservatory Roof

Cross section of the Leka Roof from Window Warehouse

Meeting Building Regulations for Leka Solid Conservatory Roof

As with any installation, it’s important to make sure that your solid conservatory roof job adheres to all Building Regulations and that goes for refurbishment projects, as well as new-build.

Most solid roof conservatory projects don’t need planning permission, because they are classed as a permitted development, subject to certain terms that you can read about here on the planning portal.

However, unless your conservatory is just used as a small front porch, you will still need Building Regulations approval for your conservatory roof. The great thing about choosing Leka Solid Roof, is that all the work has already been done for you and the solid conservatory roof system is fully compliant with all Building Regulations.

Building Regulations Compliant Solid Conservatory Roof System

The Leka solid conservatory roof systems has undergone a lengthy and in-depth assessment in order to be approved by JHAI, the Building Control experts. There are three parts to Leka that have been assessed to make it really easy for Leka Certified Installers to get Building Control certificates for the project.


The Leka Roof System

All condensation risk analysis reports and U-Value calculations are thoroughly checked on a regular basis to ensure that high standards are maintained. Because the system is fully certified, every roof from Leka is offered with a JHAI Building Regulations certificate.

Leka Approved Fabricator

Window Warehouse is the Approved Leka Fabricator for the South Coast. All roofs are manufactured with care and precision so that installers can have an easy and straightforward time on site. This gives installers and the homeowner peace of mind that the roof they receive will be structurally sound and they can get Building Certificates for their installation.

Orangey-Comp-Cutaways-02 JHAI Version

Leka Certitifed Installers

To be able to fit a Leka roof, installers must take part in an approved installer course and be certified by Leka. By training all installers, Leka & JHAI can be confident that roofs are installed to the very best standards, which means they are happy to pass across Building Certificates to homeowners.

How To Get Building Control Certificates From JHAI

We can help you with everything you need to get Building Certificates for your project. When you order the roof from you installer, there will be a small charge payable to JHIA to process the paperwork so that you can get a Building Certificate for your Leka roof.

Once your project is finished, all you need to do is fill in the details and we’ll do the rest. If you want a helping hand with any of the forms, just talk to our sales support team who will be able to talk you through it.

We’ve got loads of information on Leka roofs here. If you’re an installer interested in becoming a Leka Certified Installer, talk to our team about booking a place on our next training day. Window Warehouse offers great support packages for Leka Certified Installers too.

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