Why customers are selling more Palladio Doors

When we asked customers why they were selling more Palladio Doors they all agreed that if you show a cut out sample of a Palladio door and compare it to a cut out of a foam filled composite, Palladio will win every time.

The construction is so different from foam filled composite doors and consumers can easily see why Palladio is already the leading entrance door in Ireland.

The thing about Palladio doors is the unique patented monocoque structure. Unlike a typical foam filled composite with 2mm skins, Palladio is made from a thick GRP matrix. The monocoque is formed by bonding two halves of the door together – the same process is used in aircraft and automotive manufacturing. This forms an incredibly strong door that does not twist warp or delaminate. It also makes Palladio highly energy efficient with U values as low as 0.8.

Palladio doors also look fabulous. It has a real timber look because it’s created from a solid oak hand carved mould and has the deep profile look of a timber door. There is a choice of 17 designs that look very different from your typical composite door available in nine colour options.

And unlike most composite doors you can also have woodgrain or colour foiled outerframes that perfectly match the door slab. Side and top light glass also matches the door.

This high security test video is a big hit with homeowners

The short video shows just how secure a Palladio door is:

Take a look at how Palladio can help your business. We’ll be pleased to show you a sample. Just call Anni on 023 9232 7744 for a quote.

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