Bi-fold doors in PVCu or Aluminium – let your customers choose

Because we make bi-fold doors with either aluminium or PVCu frames you can easily get a comparison quote for both. So you can quickly give your customers a choice without having to spend time getting extra prices in. The demand for bi-fold doors is still growing and forecast to increase until 2015. Homeowners are now much more aware of bi-fold doors and want choices and options. We’ve made it easy for you to show customers a range of bi-fold doors [...]

CE Marking is made easy for Window Warehouse customers

CE marking of windows and doors is now a legal requirement for most window and doors. We are supplying all glazed windows and doors to you with CE mark documentation. If you buy frames from us and glass elsewhere you will need to CE mark your own windows and doors. You can download our CE mark guide notes and all the document templates you need to CE mark your windows and doors from our website here The CE marking process is [...]

Why customers are selling more Palladio Doors

When we asked customers why they were selling more Palladio Doors they all agreed that if you show a cut out sample of a Palladio door and compare it to a cut out of a foam filled composite, Palladio will win every time. The construction is so different from foam filled composite doors and consumers can easily see why Palladio is already the leading entrance door in Ireland. The thing about Palladio doors is the unique patented monocoque structure. Unlike a [...]